About Saudi Signs

Created by entrepreneurs and specialists in the OOH industry, Saudi Signs Media reflects the experience and heritage of more than 30 years of success in the field of outdoor advertising and marketing. Our creative and intelligent OOH solutions will optimise your brand reach and enhance the visibility of your product across KSA, using innovative digital out of home advertising and interactive displays. Our diverse products include Unipoles, Flagpoles, Scaffoldings, Giant Bridges which integrate digital exposure, allow high reach, raise awareness and drive your customer’s purchase journey. Our solutions are crafted to ensure your campaigns are engaging but non-invasive, encouraging one-on-one brand connection and positive brand association.

  • Locations covered


    Saudi Signs Media has a premium distribution network across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that covers over 300 points of interest.

  • Clients served


    Over the last 30 years, Saudi Signs Media has been associated in marketing campaigns of over 1000+ Brands.

Unbeatable advantages

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With an enviable distribution network spanning more than 300 points of interest, we enable tactical campaigns and brand awareness drives to reach areas that were previously considered inaccessible to OOH advertising.
  • Superior Presence: We own the majority of premium outdoor advertising properties, each located on high-traffic roads and densely populated areas across more than 25 cities in KSA. Wherever your audience is, we can get you maximum visibility.
  • Impeccable Legacy: We have enabled successful marketing campaigns for more than 1,000 brands over the last 30 years. Saudi Signs Media built a reputation for result-oriented excellence and are innovative in developing unbeatable OOH media properties.

Experience our exceptional OOH network

With access to our strategically placed large outdoor displays at numerous high-visibility areas, you can ensure strong brand positioning and a sustained level of consumer awareness. By integrating digital OOH with static exposure, you can reach far beyond the limits of traditional media. Saudi Signs Media enables maximum audience awareness of your brand while experiencing it seamlessly through integrated marketing campaigns.

Measure your success and ROI

Monitoring outdoor campaigns has become a great challenge, and most outdoor marketing companies are struggling to develop an efficient monitoring system. However, Saudi Signs Media has developed cutting-edge, innovative data-analytics and measurability algorithms, allowing you to easily calculate the ROI of your campaigns. Our solutions will also allow you to identify reach, frequency and impact, and enhance coverage, OTS and GRP.

Message from the CEO

At Saudi Signs Media our best feature is our global team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication and perceptiveness, continuously drive our Company forward. From a humble start-up company to Fortune leadership in OOH Media, we are extremely proud to be among the most advanced pioneer media groups in Saudi and the Gulf region, in the key process of acquiring the most precious assets of OOH in KSA. An independent, privately-owned, Saudi company, our culture is far-removed from any short-term logic and is very much about building solid relationships over the years with regional renowned companies and clients in a wide variety of sectors. We are able to offer the best blend of in-depth sector expertise, a proven ability to quickly comprehend the client’s core business as well as promptness and agility in conceiving high-end tailor-made solutions helping advertisers to better engage with consumers by delivering creative and intelligent out-of-home solution across our diverse product, offerings of large format Billboards such as Unipoles, Flagpoles, Skypoles, and Giant Bridges. We at SSM have solve business challenges more quickly, validated our Media and prove efficient while helping our customers identifying OOH effectiveness using, OOH in an integrated campaign and how it can support and achieve sustained levels of awareness when combined with other media; we have accordingly created a new system that breaks a cluster allowing for innovation in measuring outdoor advertising. Saudi Signs has entered a new era, while staying true to its fundamental values: a drive to innovate, commitment, operational excellence, and a permanent search for aesthetic quality. To continue shaping the future of outdoor advertising is an amazing prospect, and we thank our employees and partners who are committed to joining us on this journey.

Thank you.

Walid Hussein

Chief Executive Officer

Hassan Zaini

Vice President

Khalid Al Abdulatif

Vice President

Firas About Deeb

National Sales Director

Waseem Zamu

Planning & Analysis Manager

Abdul Aziz Farajllah

General Manager of Development and Audit

Majed Taqtaqa

Finance Manager

Eddy Bouez

GM Sales

Hala Seif

Sales Director Dubai


Established in the year 1990 with our headquarter in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Signs is a leading Out of Home (OOH) advertising company. We have a large network of marketing inventory which includes a variety of digital and static products across the Kingdom serving advertising needs of local and global brands.

We are in the business of helping brands get their stories out there.

We have regional offices in Riyadh and Dubai. However, we have support across the kingdom. Through the support of a highly trained and experienced team of 30 sales and associate professionals, we ultimately help clients find a balanced approach to achieve their brand and marketing communication objectives.

The business of communications is highly dynamic. Keeping that in mind and with the considerable advancements in technology and brand requirements, we, at Saudi Signs, are committed to providing the market with the latest advancement in outdoor products and service levels required for business efficiency and success.

We’ve experienced incredible changes in our industry, but one thing has remained, it is our commitment to brands in providing the best in OOH.

how can we help your brand?

We, at Saudi Signs, offer outdoor properties which brands and advertisers can use for a range of advertising, branding and marketing objectives. This is done with the help of a wide range of OOH billboard properties across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Staying coupled with key measurement capabilities to calculate ROI, makes us an apt advertising and branding medium.

  • 60th Street Saudi Signs Building. P.O. Box 18196 Jeddah 21415

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