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There are multiple questions that people tend to have when it comes to out-of-home advertising. we are well aware of out-of-home myths and challenges and believe that such advertising efforts play a very important role in establishing a brand and creating an association in the mind of the end consumer.

Main industry myths

  • Tailor cup marketing campaigns with an efficient strategy substantial to secure the business while proving that the options are limitless, and most importantly, result driven.
  • Marketing managers are usually hesitant to explore the scope of outdoor advertising as they think it is only limited to big brands. however, outdoor advertising gives smaller brands the opportunity to evolve.
  • Heavy lifting ads; any attempts to do so will usually lead to a very cluttered and confusing message, and with so little time to take in the ad, it will be wasted money. if the message has more than 10 words of copy on a billboard, for example, it will lead to an awful lot of the consumer. many are driving past at high speed. many more are occupied with their mobile device. so, you must choose wisely, and consider the digital me that can pair with the outdoor message.
  • Material submission from the agencies leading to delays in production

Main industry challenge

Traditional media channels have existed for many years. however, today, though outdoor advertising (out-of-home) has caught up at a fast pace, it remains as an opaque media channel and is facing many challenges. the main reason behind this is due to lack of monitoring of market and campaign results and common myths and misconceptions that appear.

How Saudi Signs media makes a difference

In order to solve business challenges more quickly, validate our media and prove efficient while helping our customers identifying out-of-home effectiveness using out-of-home in an integrated campaign and how it can support and achieve sustained levels of awareness when combined with other media, we have created a new system that breaks a cluster allowing for innovation in measuring outdoor advertising while monitoring outdoor campaigns becomes a greater challenge and nobody has understood the concept of ROI in outdoor. this monitoring system generates measurability and analytics collecting data to measure the strength of the media and the impact of the message and communication while identifying the reach, frequency and return on investment.

Outdoor advertising is considered a mass-market medium we are resolved to help advertisers in their strategy planning their campaigns using coverage data, impacts, ots and grp of desired targets, which allow out-of-home to be planned and commercialized using the same metrics as other advertising media.

  • for maximum reach
  • for new product launches
  • for high visibility

clients speak

The campaign to create awareness for the launch of Audi’s ‘New Q3 Variant’ in Riyadh worked exceptionally well with the right kind of communication carried with the right approach.

Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive technology was showcased in the campaign with the new Q3 brand imagery on 14 high-traffic roads on the city of Riyadh that worked wonders for the brand in creating awareness about their newest model.

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