Digital Bridges

With our digital out-of-home advertising solutions, you can achieve better consumer engagement, active participation and positive brand association for all your integrated marketing campaigns across KSA.

Why choose Digital Bridges?

To put it simply, digital out of home advertising is the future of all integrated brand marketing campaigns. Further, with Saudi Signs Media, you can get unbeatable access to an exceptional OOH network, combined with our state-of-the-art algorithms and digital signage audience measurement, giving you the best opportunity for creative-led campaigns to reach the right audience.

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  • Choose Digital for:
  • Diverse multimedia formats
  • Interactive displays with dynamic calls to action
  • Creative-led campaigns with maximum engagement

The Digital USP

When you add Digital OOH to your marketing strategy, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want story-based advertisements with pictorial sequences, GIFs or videos, or immersive brand experiences that allow for seamless customer engagement, our outdoor digital screens and interactive display advertising properties are the perfect solution. We can also provide various audiovisual formats, with or without sound, depending on your requirement.

Our Reach

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    Digital Bridges

Our Digital coverage

We have Digital Screens available extensively across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located from well-populated suburbs to famous malls, airports, fuel stations and more. Our Digital out-of-home advertising solutions can be tailor-made for you to increase brand awareness and engage your target audience in the most effective way. Click our interactive map to see where our Digital Screens are available.

how can we help your brand?

With more than three decades of experience, Saudi Signs Media can provide you with a variety of creative and intelligent Digital OOH solutions. In addition to this, we also have proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge audience measurement tools that can help you easily identify reach, frequency and impact, as well as use tracking to enhance your coverage, OTS and GRP, thus maximizing ROI for every tactical campaign.

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