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Why Choose Large Format Media?

Choosing large format media has three major advantages that other out-of-home advertising formats do not. Creating an instant impact, creating a creative impact and being large, bold and sending across a quick marketing message to the end customer.

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  • Choose Large Format Sign Media for:
  • Large in size
  • Creative
  • Quick and clear messaging
  • High Impact and top of mind recall

The Large Format Media Advantage

The largest advantage of large format media is the sheer size of the advertisement and the fact that it can be located from distance. It also doubles up as a landmark which can help customer recall as well as help brands remain top of mind for most customers in the target segment.

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    Large Format Signs

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At Saudi Signs Media we have a very experience team that has been in this line of business for over three decades. Given our history, we have a large network of out-of-home marketing media that can help brands tell their story to customers that they have across the entirety of the kingdom.

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