An effective, result-oriented advertisement strategy depends on calculating the impact of OOH advertising. For that, you will need to be knowledgeable about measuring outdoor advertising. Saudi Signs Media will offer you this privilege and expertise. Our game-changing analytics innovation helps you measure OOH effectiveness, allowing you to calculate the ROI on your brand campaign. Saudi Signs Media empowers you to refine your outdoor marketing strategies, enabling you to take informed decisions and maximise success.

Market-leading OOH exposure

Even the most creative outdoor marketing strategies fail against fragmented media buying. Efficient brand positioning and a high GRP need exceptional outdoor media exposure. We have the perfect solution with our extraordinary outdoor distribution network across KSA that will allow you to optimise OTS and increase purchase consideration and user intent across all audience categories. Evolve your strategic campaigns and expand your visibility by accessing the outstanding OOH distribution network offered by Saudi Signs Media.

Plan the most efficient out-of-home advertising strategy with the help of our superbly structured distribution network. Categorized into geographic zones for functional convenience, our distribution network is ideal for you to impact your target audience as a part of an integrated marketing campaign. For more details, check our distribution network given below.

  • OOH measurement integration

    Ordinary outdoor marketing campaigns are limited due to an inability to monitor OOH advertising systems. But with Saudi Sign Media you can! Through cutting-edge monitoring systems, you can identify and measure the reach, impact and frequency of outdoor displays. You can also analyse coverage data, and the OTS and GRP of targets, to determine your ROI. With all this, you can establish OOH measurement integration in a campaign to support and achieve sustained levels of brand awareness.

  • data

    Generating measurability and analytics by collecting data

  • impact

    Measuring the strength of the media and the impact of the message

  • quantifiable

    Using coverage data, impacts, OTS and GRP of desired targets

  • optimised

    Allowing OOH to be planned using the same metrics as other advertising media

  • ROI

    Identifying the reach, frequency and return on investment

Tracking transit media

To monitor the OOH impact in an integrated advertising campaign, you need an accurate measurement of the exposure that an outdoor marketing signage can have. Saudi Signs Media resolves this problem by using state-of-the-art technology such as object training and motion detection. Our outdoor advertising signs are fitted with sensors that record traffic direction and real-time vehicle analytics on a cloud-based dashboard. With this information, you can analyse coverage data, step up OTS and GRP, plan and commercialize OOH, using metrics that are used for any other advertisement media.

  • long distance visibility
  • direct reach
  • accurate number of impressions
  • records of speed
  • qualitative analysis of the campaign
  • records of routes taken

how can we help your brand?

At Saudi Signs Media, we help you formulate the best integrated marketing campaign for your brands. Our creative and intelligent analytic innovations and techniques offer you easy access to OOH effectiveness measurements. We can equip you to calculate your out-of-home advertising ROI, plan your outdoor marketing budget efficiently, and allow you to utilize our superb distribution network. Collaborate with us to create an immersive brand experience that is irresistible and unique.

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