At Saudi Signs Media, we recognise the challenges in choosing the right branding objectives for your out-of-home advertising strategy. That’s why we carefully use consolidated marketing and branding objectives to segment our outdoor marketing solutions. Select the required solution segment below and we will handle the rest. Contact us for more clarification and our team will be ready to assist.

Maximise reach

If your objective is to maximise your reach, you need to enhance your brand exposure. The best option is to choose billboards on high-traffic roads as they offer exponential brand visibility and will satisfy your marketing objectives.

New product launch

If you’re planning to launch a new product, impact will become a priority. For that, you will need to combine a wide-view coverage with enough space for creative communication and effective calls to action.

Brand visibility

To enhance brand visibility, properties with long-distance visibility on high-traffic roads are your ideal choice. They will provide give you with wide-view coverage that enables highly visual campaigns and engaging creative content.

Grabbing audience attention

When the objective is to grab your audience's attention, you need an OOH advertising property with expansive coverage and good long-distance visibility to give you the opportunity to be creative and effective.

Communicate brand positioning

If you’re planning to use OOH advertising media to communicate your brand positioning to your target audience, you need properties that can handle enhanced contextual messaging along with elaborate visuals and memorable calls to action.

Educate customers about products

When your main goal is to inform your customers of your brand, you need OOH properties that will give you maximum visibility and coverage. Choose large billboards to give you more space for complex creatives and for strong brand positioning, without seeming cluttered.

Communicate brand purpose

Inform your audience of your brand’s purpose using creative and elaborate content. Use a mix of different outdoor advertising solutions to maximise your reach, coverage and impact.

Increase brand awareness

The more you expose your brand and inform your target audience, the more your brand awareness and recall will increase. For that, choose OOH advertising properties that are located in densely populated high-traffic areas allowing millions of people to see them every day.

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As one of the leading out-of-home advertising companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with more than 30 years of market experience, Saudi Signs Media will help you achieve unbeatable reach and impeccable scale, while covering territories that were once thought unreachable for large-format OOH advertising in KSA.

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